Captains Log November 05′

November has been a interesting month on the Chesapeake Bay. The big fish bite was good for a few days early and then the bite got really slow for about a week, there were a few days where the high boat at the charter dock only had 3 or 4 fish. The 18th and the 19th were good days. The 20th was slow and we did not fish Nov.21 thru Nov. 25 because of high winds and the West Virginia Rifle Season for deer.

We were back at it on the 26th and 27th and fishing was good. We caught 5 overs and 1 under on Saturday and on Sunday we captured 6 overs.

Today (11-28-05) we had our best bite of the Fall Trophy season. We had 11 fish hooked up and landed 7 overs and 1 under all before 11am. The reports I heard from way down the Bay today were also very good, which means we have fish moving this way. The fishing really does now seem to be getting better every day. I think this will be a December to remember.

Even with a few slow days and a few windy days, we really can’t complain about November. Especially since we boated the two largest Stripers we have ever caught. If you want to get in on the action and catch some December Trophy Rockfish give us a call we still have Dec. 19——–22 available for charter.

The big fish are officially here. On Wed. the 9th we landed 5 Trophies over 28″ and two under 28″.

And today 11/11/2005 we caught 6 over 28″ and one under. Two of the “over fish” were huge fish. One of them even broke my personal best from last Friday (55.4lbs). The other trophy was 48″ long and weighed right around 45 lbs.

The “BUBBA” was an impressive 52″ in length and weighed 57.00 lbs. Here are some photos that showcase an awesome day of fishing on the Bay.

If you want your shot at a fish of a lifetime this Fall, we still have Wednesday 12/13, Thursday 12/14 & Monday 12/19———–Thursday 12/22 available for charters. Give us a call; we would love to hook you up with the “Big One”.

As suspected the cooler water of fall finally slowed the Live-Lining bite. On 10-24-05 we struggled to catch fish as the Rockfish suddenly seemed to not want Live Spot. We came close to our limit but could not catch them all. A huge change considering we had been catching our limit in less than one hour for over a month. On <10-26-05 we scratched out our limit using live Spot. 10-26/ 10-27/ 10-28 we switched back to chumming and did well catching our limits in about 3 or 4 hours each day. The fish ranged from (18" to 26").

On 10-30-05 we headed way South looking for a Trophy and struck out due to rough seas and lack of Trophy fish. So we gave up the hunt and went trolling for the smaller shallow water fish and did very well, quickly catching our limit of Rockfish from 19″ to 29″. November 2 we did the same thing and caught the smaller shallow water fish and then went White Perch fishing and caught over 200 Perch. Half of these were big enough to be worth cleaning.

On 11-03-05 we started in the shallow water and caught our limit of small rock, leaving one spot open for a Trophy. Then we put our big stuff on and went trolling for bubba, and we caught one a Nice 41″ Trophy. We followed the same game plan on 11-04 and did exactly the same thing except BUBBA really was BUBBA (55.4lbs, 53″ length, 31″ Girth). The Largest Rockfish I have ever caught in my life.

So after catching that huge fish, I decided to give all day efforts for the big fish over the weekend (11-05 & 11-06). It was a good decision. On Saturday we had 8 Bites from Trophy fish and landed 6 Trophies. On Sunday we had 6 Bites and landed 7 Trophies. That’s right we had the first double hitter of the Fall a 35″ and a 36″.

The big fish seem to be showing up more and more daily. I look foward to a great late fall season. I still have one date in late November and a few dates in mid December available. If you want a chance to catch a once in a lifetime Rockfish give us a call.

Captains Log October 05′

The Fishing over the last four weeks for Rockfish has been excellent. We have been using live Spot and easily catching our limit of two Rockfish over 18″ per person. In fact the fishing has been so good that it is taking less than hour to catch our fish. Since “live lined” Rockfish take the baits so deep we don’t do much catch and release because the fish normally will not survive.

After catching our limits of Rock we have been doing a few different types of fishing, somedays that would be trolling for Bluefish which for a couple of days turned out to be very successful and as of the last two weeks has not been very effective, as the Bluefish seemed to do a dissapearing act. We have also been doing some light tackle casting and jigging over breaking fish. This is a lot of fun and since trolling for Blues has not been effictive lately it is a nice way to make a good all day trip. The jigging and casting has been producing lots of small rockfish (12″ to 19″) and a few small bluefish (10″ to 14″), both of which put up a great fight on light tackle.

And of course we have been ending each trip with a little bottom fishing to catch bait (small Spot) for the next day’s charter. The small Spot have been biting well, but the larger Spot have made their move South and left our area.

Things will start changing rapidly with these falling temperatures. The live lining bite will soon come to a hault and we will have to switch over to chumming and/or trolling. And any day we should start catching some of the Big (28″ to 40″) resident rockfish as the colder water moves them from their shallow water summer haunts. Also within a week or two we should see the first of the Trophy Migratory Rockfish as they make their move down the coast and up the Bay. If you want to catch a fish of a lifetime give us a call NOW!! Only a few dates still open for November and December Trophy Fishing.

Captains Log September 05′

The red hot live lining action came to a screeching hault around mid August and forced us to go looking to find our fish.  By looking, I mean looking for breaking fish (schools of fish feeding on the surface).  Once found the action begins…   Trolling 6 rods rigged with diving planars and small spoons produces non-stop action when trolled in and around schools of breaking fish.  We catch a variety of keeper and undersized Rockfish, Spanish Mackeral, and Bluefish every time we pass through a school.  Most days we have been catching our limit of Rockfish, 20 to 50 Spanish Mackeral, and 10 to 30 Bluefish.  Not to mention 50+ undersized Rockfish.

The bottom fishing in and just outside the Patuxent River was great for good sized Spot and a few Croaker up until the 2nd week of September.  Since then we have been catching mostly small Spot and a few Trout, with a few of both being of keeper size.

We have not done any Flounder fishing since the last report due to where we are catching our trolling fish and the abundance of Spanish Mackeral, which have been very reliable.

Last week we gave live lining Spot another try and we did very well catching our limit of nice sized Rockfish (19″ to 28″) very quickly some days.  Other days they did not bite as good so we resorted to trolling breaking fish and did very well.  The presence of breaking fish sure is nice this year.  It is a solid back-up plan if live lining does not produce and a great way to finish out the day when live lining does work well.
September is turning out to be a very solid month of fishing and October should be much of the same.

Captains Log August 05′

On 7-26-05 we found that light-tackle Rockfish bite we had been looking for.  And for the last three weeks we have had some of the best “live bait” fishing action available anywhere in the Chesapeake Bay.  We have been catching our limits of Rockfish from 20″ to 38″ very quickly.  After catching our Rockfish we have been fishing for Spot and doing very well with them.  Many trips over the last three weeks have been cut to half day trips due to great fishing and extreme heat.

On Aug. 8th, after catching Spot and Rockfish, we gave Flounder fishing a try and did very well.  We caught our limit of 2 Flounder over 15″ per person for a party of 6 anglers.  Our largest Flounder was 24″.  We also had a good day Flounder fishing on Aug. 11th before the heat got to the party and they called it a day.  It looks as if this year might have some great Flounder fishing still to come.

Captains Log July 05′

Light Tackle chumming for Rockfish remained consistent until Saturday AM the 16th, the first trip we failed to catch our limit while chumming this year. So for the afternoon trip we brought out the secret weapon “Live Spot.” And the fishing using “Live Spot” was excellent. Boats all around us that were chumming were not catching while we easily caught our limits, with some fish in the mid 30″ class. The live bait bite lasted for only a few days and starting 7/21 we have been forced to troll to catch our Rockfish. The trolling bite has been good and with the exception of one trip, we have easily caught our limits. Any day light tackle fishing for Rockfish will pick back up and hopefully we can put the trolling stuff away while targeting Rockfish.

July 13th was our last evening trip for Croaker. We did very well with both the Rockfish and the Croaker, catching our limit, but the Croaker bite was so late that it is not worth the wait when we have great Spot fishing close to home.

As mentioned above, the Spot are here and they are biting very well. Catching 100 Spot in an hour or two between six anglers is common.

The Bluefish have also made an appearance and we have been catching them when we try trolling for them. Some of these fish weigh up to 5 or 6 lbs.

Light tackle chumming for Rockfish has been awesome for the last few weeks. We have been catching our limit daily and several days we have seen fish over 28″(really nice fish this time of year).

Evening Croaker fishing has also been excellent. We have been catching our limit (25 per person) almost every evening we try bottom fishing. Many of these Croakers are 15″ to 19″ and are great fun on light tackle. As the summer continues on, the evening Croaker bite has been getting later and later. Some nights they have not started biting until 9:30 PM. But when they bite…HOLD ON… because they come on fast and furious.

Captains Log June 05′

Friday May 27 was our last day of catching the Trophy Rockfish trolling. On that day, we easily caught our limit or trophies on both our AM and PM trips. The very next day, we caught plenty of fish trolling, but nothing over 28″ and the story was the same for most other boats. So, for our afternoon trip on Saturday, May 28, we switched gears and broke out our light tackle rods and started chumming. It was a great move, we had great light tackle action with plenty of rockfish from 18″ to 28″. That night, we bottom fished for croaker for the first time of the year and had a good catch with close to 100 croaker from 11″ to 18″, one 14″ sea trout, and 1 12″ bluefish. Every trip since that first day of light tackle fishing has been excellent, with plenty of keeper rockfish in the chum slick and great croaker fishing every evening. We even caught our first keeper flounder of the season on 6/1/05. It was a 24″ slab. It looks like this summer will have plenty of great light tackle fishing for us in the months ahead.


Captains Log May 05′

I apologize for the delay in getting our fishing report posted on-line. The Trophy Trolling bite was simply spectacular this spring, with consistent catches of 28″ to 47″ Rockfish each and every trip. Our heaviest fish of the spring was 42 lbs, caught by Stacey Fessett (4/21/2005), and our longest fish of the spring was 47″, caught by John McIlwain (5/4/2005). Other notable trophy fish caught were a 41 lb lunker caught by Eldon Charles (5/21/2005) and a 40 lb giant caught by 7 year old D’Andre Harvey (5/27/2005). Go to our photo gallery to see all these trophy fish.

Captains Log April 05′

The 2005 Trophy Rockfish season opened with a bang. Fishing has been excellent. We have been easily catching our limit on both morning and afternoon trips, allowing us to even catch and release a few fish. Our longest fish of the season so far was caught Thursday th 21st by Stacy Fosset. The big fish weighed 42 lbs and weasured 45 inches. The photos below are just a few examples of some of the trophy fish we have been catching daily.