Mission statements and charter fishing don’t seem to go together, nevertheless, I, Captain Greg Buckner (owner of Fin Finder Charters) feel it is very important to express what Fin Finder Charters strives very hard to provide for all of our valued customers. First, our main goal at Fin Finder Charters is to ensure that our clients have an enjoyable, fun-filled, and exciting experience each time they charter the Fin Finder. We ensure this by providing professional Chesapeake Bay fishing charters run by a Captain who flat out loves to fish and knows how to treat clients. Capt. Lee Tippett is honest, knowledgeable, friendly, entertaining, and respectful of their clients needs. He understands that some of his clients want a very energetic, fast-paced atmosphere while others just want to relax and enjoy their time on the water. Capt. Lee has no problem addressing all of his client’s questions during a charter and loves explaining the different types and methods of fishing that are employed aboard the Fin Finder II. With Capt. Lee,  you can rest assured that no one will try harder to provide a successful day of fishing; he is always willing to go the few extra miles and use any method or means necessary to ensure a productive catch