Captains Log October 07′

Just as expected the last few weeks have produced excellent fishing.  The live linning for Rockfish continues to be very productive, with a few bigger fish (over 28 inches) starting to make a showing.  The trolling for Blues 4 to 8lbs using plastic hoses has been very good most days.  The bottom fishing for eating sized was very good thru Tuesday the 9th, then the colder temps seemed to have pushed the bigger spot south.

If the weather remains stable and relatively warm, I fully expect the live-linning action to continue for about two more weeks.  The good trolling for the larger Blues should also continue for the next couple of weeks as long as the temps don’t fall too quickly.  After the live linning slows we will switch to a trolling and/or chumming for our Rockfish.  And by some time in early November we will put our Trophy Rockfish lures back in the water and begin targeting the late fall migratory trophies.  November and the first two weeks of December has always been a great time to catch Chesapeake Bay Trophy Rockfish.  Below I have listed the dates still available for Fall Trophy Fishing in the Chesapeake Bay…….
November:  6,  7,  13,  14,  15,  26,  27

December:  2,  4,  5,  9,  10,  11,  12,  13

Then on December 17th we will be heading south on my other, larger, newer boat the “FIN FINDER” to fish the VA Beach Winter Striped Bass Season.  The fishing out of Rudeee’s Inlet, VA late December and January is simply amazing.  In fact, the waters off of VA Beach, VA serve as wintering grounds for close to the entire East Coast Stock of Adult Migratory Striped Bass.  The massive schools of baitfish called Menhaden serve to keep the Stripers feeding all winter.  With so much bait and so many Trophy Stripers in the area at the same time, the fishing action is truely world class.  We are offering a package deal, in order to offer our customers a great fishing get-away at a reasonable price.  Our package includes the following……….
An afternoon charter departing around noon
A morning charter departing just before first light on the following day
The tip for the mate on both trips
Fish cleaning (Ocean regs allow 2 Stripers over 28inches per person/per day)
Three hotel rooms with two beds per room for the night after the PM charter

All of this for just $330 per person for six passengers.  Because of US Coast Guard Ocean rules, we can only carry six passengers.  Don’t miss your chance to experience Trophy Striper fishing at its best.  Pick from the dates below and give Capt. Greg Buckner a call today……
December:  (17/18)  (18/19)  (19/20)  (21/22)  (28/29)

January:  (7/8)  (8/9)  (9/10)  (14/15)  (16/17)  (17/18)  (19/20)  (20/21)  (21/22)  (22/23)  (23/24)  (24/25)  (25/26)  (26/27)  (27/28)  (28/29)  (29/30)  (30/31)

Thanks to all who view this report and help my charter fishing business to grow,
Capt Greg Buckner                 (301) 873-1327

Captains Log September 07′

2007 continues to be a very productive year for fishing the Chesapeake Bay from Solomons, MD. The very good live linning action for Rockfish (18″ to 26″) continues as does good bottom fishing for big “eating sized” Spot. We also have Bluefish and Spanish Mackeral in our waters at this time and we should continue to have good catches of these toothy fish for about the next four weeks. And the live linning action for Rockfish should remain very productive for at least four more weeks. If you have never live linned Spot for Rockfish, don’t miss your chance in 2007, call and book your trip today. The November and December trophy dates are booking up quickly so if interested in a late Fall Chesapeake Bay Trophy Rockfish trip contact Capt. Greg today and schedule a date. It is also time to start looking foward to the Ocean Winter Striped Bass season out of VA Beach. We will be taking the “Fin Finder” south to VA Beach mid December to fish the waters off the coast the last two weeks of December and all of January. The fishing down this way in the Winter is simply world class and with the package deal that we are offering it is also very affordable. For the Winter Striped Bass Ocean season each angler can keep two Striped Bass over 28 inches. Below are the dates still available for live linning, bluefish, mackeral, and spot trips from Solomons, MD…. September 6am or 12noon: 24, 25, 27, 28(am only) October 6am or 12noon: 1, 2, 3, 9, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21 Please call or e-mail for Late Fall or Winter Trophy dates.

Thanks, Capt. Greg Buckner (301) 873-1327

Captains Log August 07′

Wow!!!!   That is the word that describes fishing right now out of Solomon’s, MD.  July was great for Rockfish using light tackle rigged with live Spot as bait.  And the last week and a half the live linning action has been as good as it gets, with nice sized fish from 20 inches up to 34inches.  The bottom fishing for White Perch and eating size Spot continues to be very good.  And the Bluefishing a little ways south of Solomons is also as good as it gets, when we make the run South.  This past Monday we landed 50 Blues from 3 to 6 lbs in 1 hour and 30 minutes.  Croaker are still being caught right at dusk and after, but the action, as it always is this late in the summer, is not real consistant.  We gave the Flounder a brief try this past Wednesday and landed 8 with only 4 people fishing and 3 were keepers.  I think with a better drift and some more time to go at it we could have had a good catch of 10 or more keepers.

The Red-Hot live linning should continue for the rest of August, as should the trolloing for Bluefish and bottom fishing for Spot and Perch.  Also, with the high salinity in the Bay at this time, I expect a good showing of Spanish Mackeral late August and all of September.  Yes, it is hot but so is the fishing, treat yourself and book a late Summer trip today.  Here are the dates that are still available for August and September………………..

August:  AM Trips 7,  10,  12,  14,  15,  16,  17,  21,  26,  28,  29,  30,  31

PM Trips 7,  9,  13,  14,  17,  20,  21,  23,  24,  28,  29,  30

Saptember:  AM Trips 1,  2,  3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  8,  9,  11,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  21,  22,  24,  25,  26,  27,  28,  29

PM Trips 3,  4,  5,  6,  7,  10,  11,  12,  13,  14,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  21,  24,  25,  26,  27,  28

I am also now booking late fall Trophy Rockfish dates in the Chesapeake Bay for November and December as well as Winter Trophy dates in VA Beach for late December, January and early Febuary.

Thanks and Have a Great Summer,
Capt. Greg Buckner            (301) 873-1327

Captains Log July 07′

Once again, I have let my fishing report become out dated, and I apoligize for that.  We have been so busy with our fishing charter schedule that it has been hard to make the time.  But here it is complete with some great photos to boot.

June was an interesting month, fishing was good for Rockfish but it seemed to change every day.  We had some very good chumming action for Rockfish the second and third week of June.  Then later in June we caught our Rockfish live linning and jigging.  The Bluefish bit very well the whole month and the Croaker for the most part were available in good numbers on our night trips.  And the Spot showed up in good numbers the last week of June.  We even went for Flounder on a few trips and captured a few keepers each time we went for them.

July 18 thru July 24 we fished out of Hampton, VA targeting Cobia and Red Drum.  We fished down there for 7 trips and landed 40 Red Drum near and mostly over 40 lbs. as well as landing 7 Cobia.  In addition to the Drum and Cobia we also landed too many Rays to count and a fair number of Sharks and Bluefish.  I think the crazy temperature changes this June really slowed the Cobia bite.  Hopefully next year things will be a little more stable and we can do much better on the “man in a brown suite”.  If you have never caught a 40 # plus Red Drum or a hard fighting Cobia on a spinning rod, give me a call and book a trip for next Summer.  Next year I am offering a two day deal for Cobia and Red Drum trips:  (a 6 hour afternoon trip 3 till 9pm and an 8 hour morning trip 5:30 till 1:30).  This will give each fishing party more time on the water with-out the long gruelling 9 or 10 hour day.  Check out all of the photos from our trip down to Hampton, the trophy fish pictured are truely awesome and each and every one of the Red Drum pictured were carefully Released.

As for the Solomon’s area right now, live linning for Rockfish is very good right now with some bigger (28″ plus) fish being caught every day.  The bottom fishing for Spot at the mouth of the Patuxent River is red hot also.  The evening Croaker bite down the Bay has been very good with nice sized fish and pleanty of them.  Trolling for Blues between 2 and 5 lbs has also been very good, on Monday July 2nd in the afternoon we caught 90 Bluefish in a little over two hours.

If you want to get out for some summertime fishing action, check out the dates below,  get your crew together, and give me a call or shoot me an e-mail.  Also, if the date you want is not listed, I do own a very nice second boat with a great Capt. and Mate and they might be available for your date, so give me a call either way.

AM charters available for July:   9,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  23,  24,  25,  26,  29,  30

PM charters available for July:  9,  12,  16,  17,  18,  23,  24,  25,  26,  30,  31

Capt. Greg Buckner       (301) 873-1327

Captains Log June 07′

Late May has always been the time for change and this year is no different.  The trolling for the Spring Trophies was very good for pretty much the entire Spring, but it came to a quick hault around the 20, 21 of May.  Since then we switched over to targeting the resident Rockfish from 18″ to mid 30″inches.  We have used several methods to put our limits in the boat every trip including: trolling, light tackle chumming, and light tackle jigging.  The Rockfish have not set into their summer patterns so things have kind of been changing day to day.  One day we can catch them good chumming or jigging and the next day we have to troll to catch them.  We always use light tackle chumming, live linning or jigging whenever it is effective and troll for the smaller fish only when it is required because of fishing contitions.  I expect that very soon the Rockfish will settle into a few places and hold there so we can begin to have more consistant chumming action.  Normally at this time of year chumming in the middle Chesapeake Bay is excellent with a good numbers of nice Rockfish 26 to 40′” on light tackle.  The cooler Spring and abundance of bait seems to have delayed the transition.

The PM bottom fishing for Croaker is getting into full swing right now, last night we caught 150 croakers (11″ to 20″) after catching our limit of Rockfish.  On that trip we left the dock a 3pm and were loaded up by 9:30pm.  The Bluefish from 2 to 4lbs are also here in good numbers.  On 5/29/07 after chumming for our limit of Rockfish we trolled up 45 Bluefish in less than 2 hours time.

It is almost Cobia time!!!  The MISS SUSIE will be haeding south on the 18th of June and fishing for Cobia from June 19 thru June 26.  Because of some last minute cancellations we still have a few dates available.  Those dates are:  June 20,  21,  24,  25,  26.  The MISS SUSIE will be fishing out of Salt Ponds Marina in Hampton, VA for these trips.  We fish for Cobia while on anchor using spinning rods baited with big chunks of Menhaden and live baits.  Cobia look like a cross between a shark and a catfish and range from 30 lbs to over 80 lbs.  They are strong fighters who are quite the challenge on spinng rods.  They are also excellent table fare.  While targeting Cobia we will also catch a variety of other species.  They include Red Drum, Bluefish, several species of Rays, and lots of sharks from 2 ft to 5ft.  I am offering a discount to any party who books back to back days, this allows everybody in the party a great shot at a Cobia.
As for PM dates for Rockfish and Croaker (4pm trips):  July 8,  9,  10,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19

As for AM dates for Rockfish and Bluefish (6am Trips):  June 2,  4,  5,  6,  8,  11,  12,  14,  15,  17,  30
July  1,  2,  3,  5,  6,  9,  10,  11,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19,  20,  21,  22

Capt. Greg Buckner

(301) 873-1327

Captains Log May 07′

Just as expected the best was yet to come.  Over the last 2 and 1/2 weeks fishing has steadily improved.  Out of 37 catch and keep trips we have come home with our limit on every trip but two.  And on both of those trips as with most trips now, we are throwing back several slot fish (35″ to 41″).  With such a cool early Spring the spawn was delayed at least two weeks.  What this means for us is that the entire month of May will be great fishing for the Trophy Spring Stripers.  Most years it slows down mid May, but not this year.  We are even seeing a decent number of pre-spawn fish still.  If you missed your chance at a Early Season date and you thought you missed your shot at a Spring Trophy, there is still time to get a trip together.  We still have some dates available… Monday May 21 AM or PM,  Tuesday May 22 AM or PM,  Wednesday May 23 AM or PM,  Thursday May 24 PM,  Friday May 25 PM

And starting next Wednesday (May 16th) we switch over to the two fish per angler and the slot limit is gone.  Which means no more throwing back 10 to 20 (35″ to 41″) Rockfish per trip trying to get a limit of 28″ to 35″ or over 41″ Rockfish.

And not to far around the corner we will start our evening trips targeting Rockfish first and then loading up on good-sized Croakers.  Dates for these trips are going very fast, here is what is still available for these 4pm charters…….  Monday May 28,  Tuesday May 29,   Thursday May 31,   Monday June 4,   Monday July 9,  Tues July 10,  Wed July 11,  Sun July 15,  Mon July 16,  Tues July 17,  Wed July 18,  Thurs July 19

And if you want to catch something different, the MISS SUSIE and crew will be fishing for Cobia from Salt Ponds Marina in the Hampton, VA from June 19 thru June 26.  Cobia look like a cross between a catfish and a shark and are powerful fighters.  We have caught them up to 80 lbs with most being 25 lbs to 60 lbs.  We fish for them on anchor using spinning rods and a mixture of cut and live bait.  While targeting Cobia we also catch a wide variety of other fish including Red Drum, sharks, Bluefish, Croaker, Mullet, and several species of Rays.  We prefere that fishing parties book these trips on back to back days, because Cobia are a very unpredictable fish and they like to do the bite one day and be tough to catch the next day thing, so two dates gives everyone in the party a great shot at landing one of these tasty hard fighting fish.  Dates available for these trips are……….  June 20,  21,  25,  26

The light tackle chumming bite will also be starting soon and this year very late May and the first three weeks of June will be your best shot of the year at landing Trophy Rockfish while chumming with spinning rods.  Here are the dates that we have available for AM light tackle chumming trips……… Mon May 28,  Tues May 29,  Wed May 30,  Thurs May 31,  June 1,  2,  4,  5,  6,  8,  11,  12,  13,  14,  15,  16,  17,  27,  28,  28,  30

If you are interested in any of the above mentioned dates or if you have any questions, please contact Capt. Greg Buckner @ (301) 873-1327   or   E-mail: gcbuckner@hotmail.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Capt. Greg Buckner

Captains Log April 07′

Well it is here, the 2007 Spring Trophy Rockfish Season.  To get things started we rounded out our catch and release light tackle trips with a bang.  We had outstanding catches considering the light tackle we were using.  We had 14 Pre Season trips on the books and were only able to run 8 of them because of the high winds last Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.  Our worst catch of these 8 light tackle trips was 18 Trophy Rockfish and our best catch was 28 Trophy Rockfish.  Not bad considering these were only 5 hour charters.  Out of 8 pre-season trips using light tackle we landed 5 fish that would clear the upper end of the new slot limit (over 41inches).

The catch and keep season opened with a bang.  On our first pass across the Bay Saturday AM we landed 11 Trophy Rockfish with 8 keepers (28″ to 35″) and 3 slot fish (35″ to 41″).  We stayed out for a little while longer and caught and released another 8 or so Spring Trophies.  And then Saturday PM came and the fishing got much tougher.  The massive number of fishing boats out on opening day really but a damper on the action and we had to work hard to catch our limit of 7 Rockfish.  Sunday AM we also had to work hard to scratch out our limit and relied on our 24 rod spread to catch our 8 keepers.  By Sunday afternoon the fishing had gotten really tough because of all the boat pressure and we were only able to capture 9 of our 11 needed keepers, with a few (35″ to 42″) slot fish to aggervate the situation.  We worked hard with 24 lines in the water to land our limits on both trips Monday and our AM trip on Tuesday.  Tuesday PM things started looking up, we hooked 6 Trophy Stripers at one time and managed to get 5 of the 6 in the boat, then we plucked away to catch our last few keepers.  Wednesday AM went great with a steady bite and a fairly quick limit.  Then on the PM trip the BUBBAS of 2007 showed up for us.  We had a fairly good bite going, needing only three more keepers, and then we caught a 47″ 41lb Trophy followed shortly after by a 43″ 38lb trophy.

The new 2007 size limit has been very frustrating; throwing back beautiful 35″ to 41″ fish is hard to do for my customers but luckly we have had enough legal 28″ to 41″ to get our limits every trip but one.  The reason for the relatively slow start to the 2007 Trophy Season is fairly simple………. our colder then normal Spring has delayed the Spawing cycle and the fish that are normally starting their migration back down the Bay are still in the creeks and rivers spawning.  With the sudden warm trend the soon to spawn fish seemed to have made a b-line toward their spawning ground all at once.  I have talked to 2 fisheries biologist who have confirmed that the spawning grounds are absolutly loaded with Stripers.  What this means is the the best is yet to come. I suspect that the Spring Trophy season is going to really kick off in about a week as the trophy fish begin their travels south.  Also because everything is behind schedule, I suspect we will be catching the trophy fish in good numbers much later into May (probably the 3rd or even 4th week of the month).

If you are interested in getting out on the Bay for some great fishing action here are the dates that we still have available……..

Trophy Rockfishing or if it gets warm quick light tackle chumming for mixed sized Stripers:  May 21,  22,  23,  25,  28,  29,  31  all dates available AM or PM

Evening Charters for light tackle Rockfish and bottom fishing for Croaker (25 per man):
May 28,  29,  31
June  4,  6,  17,  27,  28
July  2,  8,  9,  10,  11,  15,  16,  17,  18,  19

If you are interested in any of these dates, please call or e-mail as soon as possible to ensure you get the date of your choice.

Capt. Greg                   (301) 873-1327

Solomon’s Area
By Greg Buckner, Captain of the “Miss Susie”

Man it sure is good to be out on the water catching fish.  Thursday April 12th was our first day on the water doing the light tackle trolliong thing.  We had Gene Muller from the Washington Times on board to get a story and snap a few photos.  Within about an hour and a half of trolling we landed and released 10 Trophy Stripers from 28 to 38 inches.  All were caught on spinning tackle.  Friday the 13th was our first charter of the season and it went well, we landed and released 18 Spring Trophies from 28 to 39 inches all on spinning rods more suited for catching large-mouth bass than Trophy Rockfish.  On Saturday the 14th morning trip we landed and released 20 Spring Trophies from 29 to 42 inches.  On our afternoon trip we landed and released 21 Trophies from 27 to 40 inches, once again all were caught on spinning tackle.  On each of these trips we also lost between 6 and 12 nice fish just becase of the much more difficult task of landing big fish on light tackle.  But that is why they call it FISHING and not CATCHING.  The strong winds forced us to cancel our trips for Sunday thru Tuesday, but we will be back at it on Wednesday with the light tackle catch and release trolling.  The below photos showcase some of the action from the last few days.

If you are interested in getting out for a Spring Catch and Keep trip in early May, my other boat the FIN FINDER has May 8 & 9th AM or PM still available for charter.  Also my PM Rockfish and Croaker trips for late May, June and July are booking up quickly so don’t miss out: call or e-mail for your date today.  I hope you all enjoy these photos as much as the anglers enjoyed catching and releasing the fish in the photos.

Capt. Greg Buckner         (301) 873-1327

Captains Log March 07′

Solomon’s on Land
By Greg Buckner, Captain of the “Miss Susie”

The “Miss Susie” is shaping up, the structural work is complete and the motor is mounted.  The still to do list includes….Installing fuel tanks, complete electrical work, paint hull, install new deck and paint the top-side.  Everything is coming together and the “Miss Susie” will be ready to fish by April 13th our first catch and release charter.  I was asked by a few customers to post some pics of the “Miss Susie” as she in being worked on, so I have a few pics below.
As mentioned in an earlier report, because we are losing six days of our Trophy Season in 2007, I have decided to offer something new this season.  What I am offering is Pre-Season, Catch & Release, Light Tackle Trolling charters from April 13th thru April 20th.  We will be using light tackle spinning rods and reels spooled with braided line to troll for the monster Spring Trophy Rockfish while there is little to no fishing pressure on the fish before the season opens.  We will be trolling 16 lines all rigged with single parachute and shad baits (no UMBRELLAS).  The use of Planar Boards and Down Riggers will let us get away with using un-weighted lines (no Big In-line Sinkers).  Also, because we are using such light tackle and the set up of our spread, after a fish is hooked up the boat will have to slow to a crawl.  This means you get to fight your Spring Trophy with the boat barley moving so it is just you and the fish.  Surely landing a 30″ to 50″ Striper in this fashion will be an accomplishment to be remembered forever.  If you and your crew are interested in one of these trips, just let me know.  I am offering a 6am and a 1pm charter and the trips will be 5 to 6 hours in length and there will be no limit on how many fish we can catch and release.  Dates available are: (Fri April 13 @ 1pm)  (Tues April 17 @ 6am or 1pm)  (Wed April 18 @ 6am)  (Fri April 20 @ 1pm).  These dates will be booking up soon, so don’t miss your chance.

As for Catch and Keep Trophy Season Dates I only have a few still open aboard the MISS SUSIE, they are:  (Thurs May 10 @ 6am)  (Wed May 16 @ 6am or 1pm)  (Thurs May 17 @ 1pm).  My other boat the “Fin Finder” still has a few catch and keep Spring Trophy Dates available also.

As expected my PM Rock and Croaker light tackle trips are booking up very quickly also.  If you are interested in one of these late May, June or July trips get your crew together and get your date before they are all gone.

Capt. Greg Buckner          (301) 873-1327

Solomons, MD
By Greg Buckner, Captain of the “Miss Susie”

Well the job of converting the “Miss Susie” from a twin engine to a single engine has turned out to be a lot of hard work.  But we are making progress and in addition to the engine conversion we are also beefing up the structural frame work of the boat as well as installing new larger fuel tanks.  We are also installing a brand new very comfortable toilet, as well as a sound system with 4 new good quality speakers and a stero that my i-pod will hook to.  So look foward to great tunes in 2007 as well as great fishing.

If you are interested in a Spring Charter, the dates are nearly all booked up.  So contact me asap.  I still have 6 openings(dates) for the Catch and Release Pre-Season, light tackle trips.  As for the catch and keep Trophy Trips, I have a few dates the week of May 14 to May 18.  With the cold weather we now have, I think we should be catching the Trophy Fish at least through Friday May 18th.  I also still have availability for the last two weeks of May.  The year before last we caught the Trophy Fish almost the entire month of May and last year we had excellent light tackle chumming for Rockfish from 18″ to 38″.  So reguardless of how quick it warms up this spring the last two weeks of May is a great time to get out on the Bay.  We will start our PM Rock and Croaker Trips towards the end of May and this is a great time to book these trips as well, because Croaker are a strange fish.  That is, they are nocturnal by nature, and the hotter the weather the more nocturnal they become.  In other words they bite earlier in the afternoon in late May than they do in Mid July.  This means that we will often times be loaded up with both Rockfish and Croaker and still be back at the dock at a resonable time (9 to 10pm).  June is also starting to book up quickly for the evening trips.

I hope everybody is having a good winter,

Capt. Greg Buckner       (301) 873-1327

Captains Log February 07′

The 2006 Chesapeake Bay Charter fishing season for MISS SUSIE CHARTERS was an excellent one, with a very busy schedule and great fishing.  Because of our loyal and valued customers, 2006 was a record year for MISS SUSIE CHARTERS, running more charters in one year than the business has ever done in its more than 15 year history.  That is quite an accomplishment considering the industry was in a serious slump in 2006.  Enough cannot be said about the importance of and how deeply appreciated our very special customers are.  We at MISS SUSIE CHARTERS plan to continue to provide top quality fishing charters and treat all of our customers with respect and courtesey, ensuring that these same valued customers will continue to support us and enjoy all we have to offer for years to come.

In an effort to improve upon the services that we provide the “Miss Susie” will be a much different boat in 2007 than it has been in the past.  We are currently starting the project of converting the “Miss Susie” from a twin motor boat to a single motor boat.  This will vastly increase deck space aboard the “Miss Susie” as well as make her a knot or two faster.  Instead of two fairly large motor boxes which the boat has had for years, she will now have just one motor box positioned in the center of the deck.  This will allow for passengers to stand and fish against the rail all the way around the outside area of the boat.  Because of the two large motor boxes this was not possible before, so what this basically means is that the “Miss Susie” is now much better suited to entertain large groups (8 to 16 passengers) than she was before.  For all of my long time customers, you will be amazed at the difference this transition will make.

Also, important to note, I, Capt. Greg Buckner recently acquired FIN FINDER CHARTERS from Capt. Sonney Forrest.  The “Fin Finder” is a luxourious 46ft Markley licensed to carry up to 30 passengers decked out with the latest and greatest in electronics and fishing equiptment.  Capt. Sonney Forrest (owner and operator for over twenty years) will continue to run the majority of the charters for at least the next three years.  Capt. Andrew Turner, a good friend of mine and occasional fill-in mate aboard the “Miss Susie” will be serving as full time first mate and fill in Capt. aboard the “Fin Finder” for the next few seasons.  Whenever there are situations where fishing parties need two boats to accomadate large crews or if MISS SUSIE CHARTERS is already booked for a certain day, you can rest assured that you will be in good hands aboard the “Fin Finder” with Capt. Sonney and Capt. Andrew.  Also, Capt. Andrew Turner and myself (Capt. Greg) will be moving the “Fin Finder” south to VA Beach in mid to late December to take advantage of the amazing fishing opportunities available in the Ocean Winter Striper Season.  We will be fishing down there through early to mid February.  Plan early, so you don’t miss this opportunity.  We will be offering package deals which include two days fishing and one night’s lodging.

Now we have discussed the boats for 2007, lets talk about what new for fishing in 2007 aboard the “Miss Susie” and the “Fin Finder”……..

Because we are losing six days of our Trophy Season in 2007, I have decided to offer something new this season.  What I am offering is Pre-Season, Catch & Release, Light Tackle Trolling charters from April 13th thru April 20th.  We will be using light tackle spinning rods and reels spooled with braided line to troll for the monster Spring Trophy Rockfish while there is little to no fishing pressure on the fish before the season opens.  We will be trolling 16 lines all rigged with single parachute and shad baits (no UMBRELLAS).  The use of Planar Boards and Down Riggers will let us get away with using un-weighted lines (no Big In-line Sinkers).  Also, because we are using such light tackle and the set up of our spread, after a fish is hooked up the boat will have to slow to a crawl.  This means you get to fight your Spring Trophy with the boat barley moving so it is just you and the fish.  Surely landing a 30″ to 50″ Striper in this fashion will be an accomplishment to be remembered forever.  If you and your crew are interested in one of these trips, just let me know.  I am offering a 6am and a 1pm charter and the trips will be 5 to 6 hours in length and there will be no limit on how many fish we can catch and release.  Dates for these trips are booking up already, don’t miss your chance to give this a try.

Cobia Fishing in late June in the Bay Bridge Tunnel Area, departing from Salt Ponds Marina.  Cobia are a very hard fighting and powerful fish that look like a cross between a shark and a catfish.  They enter into the very lower Chesapeake Bay every June to spawn, and we catch them while on anchor with spinning rods, using a mixture of cut baits and live baits to catch them.  While fishing for Cobia it is common to catch a wide variety of species including Red Drum, Sharks, Rays and much more.  We will be in the Hampton, VA area Cobia fishing from June 19th thru June 28.  Because Cobia are a very unpredictable fish we encourage our parties to book two days back to back vastly improving our odds of everyone landing a Cobia.

VA Beach Winter Ocean Fishing aboard the “Fin Finder” with Capt. Greg and Capt. Andrew.  It was already mentioned above, but if you have not tried it you would not believe it.  Winter Ocean fishing is the one time all year when the entire East Coast Stock of Trophy Striped Bass school up in massive numbers feeding on baitfish off of the VA Beach coast.  Many days the Stripers are so thich that jigging for them is just as effective as trolling.  We will be offering package deals which include; a day one charter departing around 10 AM and returning sometime before dark, hotel rooms (2 per room), and a day two charter departing around 6 AM and returning some time early afternoon.  These dates will also begin booking soon, so gather your crew up and get them excited about trying something new.  Mid December thru Mid February.

I was going to give a fishing year in review, but this Report has already got too long winded, so look foward to seeing it soon as a new Report.

Thank You Very Much to All of My Customers, may God Bless You and Your Families in 2007,

Capt. Greg Buckner

Captains Log December 06′

Sorry for the delay, but what a way to end the 2006 season!!!  We captured our limit of trophy Rockfish every trip in December with the exception of one day when the wind did not allow us to fish the most productive waters.  The fishing in the Point Lookout South area this December was simply awesome.  It has been 4 or 5 years since we have had fishing this good in December.  My only regret was that I did not see it coming and have booked trips later into the month.  Several photos showcase the great fishing from December 2006.

Big changes are planned for “MISS SUSIE CHARTERS” in 2007!!!!!  Be sure to check back during the next few weeks to see what “new” we are offering for 2007 and how we are improving and expanding our business.  I also promise to soon report on “Fishing the Bay in 2006″ with an overview of another great season on the Chesapeake Bay.

Thanks and Happy New Year’s,

Capt. Greg Buckner

Looking foward to another great season in 2007!!!!!!